Hon Omolafe (Expensive): He treated people with Respect…by Major Dee

By: Ayodeji Adewole

Tribute to Hon. Isaac Adedayo Omolafe (Expensive)…..!!!

Nothing pinches more than a rude departure of a good man departing for the world beyond at a time when his impact was most needed to advance a noble mission he had started and beginning to gain momentum.

The news of your death Hon. Isaac Adedayo Omolafe (Expensive), on the 16th of August, struck me harder like a sledge hammer would hit a nail and sink into the wood, provoking many rhetorical questions, what and how could have happened,? I asked myself severally, but my subconscious was blank, until later when reality revealed I wasn’t dreaming, a rude shock it really was, for a big Iroko like you to fall without sinister or hint, when dry trees around are still standing, no word could describe how I felt.

I reminisced on the little moment we shared, how I met you through your intimate friend  Hon. Tony Ala who was the then Special Adviser to the then Governor, Late Chief Olusegun Agagu, those days when we sit down at your usual spot in Obanla,  to discuss what is best for Akure and Ondo State at large, how fondly and passionate you speak of your dream for your people.

How would I pen this without noting how you treat people with respect, upholding the principle of egalitarianism, “all animals are equal to you, none is more equal than the others,” as you lived your life to negate the legends of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” no human is perfect but your selflessness was evident through your life time, nothing comes first other than the welfare of your people.

I remember about a week before your sudden demise I visited your office in Abuja, oblivious to me it would be our last.

You are a role model to me and more, but when the claws of death clings, no one can unfasten, I am only left with your good and resounding memories as you would be lowered to the grave today. So sad, but It is a debt we all have to pay at some point regardless. 

May you find peace with your creator, continue to rest in the glory of our God almighty.

It is my prayer that God will  continue to protect the family your left behind….

ADIEU, Hon. Isaac Adedayo Omolafe (Expensive)…..!!!

Written by:
Adewole Ayodeji (aka Major Dee)
Akure South Constituency II Assembly Hopeful.