Akure South/North Reps By-election and Stop Desperate Campaign



The former State Legal Adviser (Political Parties Ondo State) and the Divisional Coordinator: Akure Division Forum (Political), Prophet Oguntuase F.J. has frowned at the manners ambitious aspirants are desperately and overzealously campaigning to replace the vacant seat of late Hon. Omolafe Adedayo in the House of Representatives.

A By-Election is oncoming to be conducted by INEC to fill the vacant seat at the Akure North/South Federal Constituency of Ondo State, but the election processes must be respected.
For a transparent, valid, credible, and acceptable By-election to be held, the following processes must be patiently observed:-

(1). INEC must receive a communication/letter from the National Assembly in which the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall declare to INEC, vacancy for the seat of late Hon. Omolafe Adedayo following his death.
(2). INEC shall meet and approve the conduct of the By-Election and shall fix a date.

(3). INEC Ondo State shall meet with the 18 Political Parties in Ondo State and shall officially notify them of the Timetable and Guidelines of the By-election.

(4). All interested Political Parties shall conduct their Primary Elections and forward the names of their Candidates to INEC for publication and balloting.
(5). INEC shall make available Access Code for the Nomination Forms to be processed and submitted online to INEC Headquarters, Abuja.
(6). Political Parties shall submit the names of their Polling Agents for the election to INEC after the Commission would have resolved with the Political Parties whether to use the Old Polling Units and Voting Points or the new. INEC shall also make clarifications on the Voters Register to be used.
(7). Campaign by Political Parties and their  Candidates shall be held and stopped in consonance with INEC Timeline.

(8). Until INEC has released By-Election Timetable, it is an Electoral offence to campaign or paste posters ahead of time.
(9). All participating Political Parties shall be given level playing field in all ramifications.
(10). By-election may be conducted by INEC between 30 days and 90 days.

Prophet Oguntuase F.J.