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Owo Attack: PDP, APC Trade Words


Ayodele Oni

As the spirit of those killed in Owo Catholic Church terrorist attack is being laid, the ruling All Progressive Congress, (APC) and opposition People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) are up in arms over the incident.

First to fire war of word is PDP who acknowledged that some of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s remarks during the incident are pointers to failure of the APC administration.

According to PDP, “What Akeredolu said at the burial service, was a confirmation of what every sensible Nigerian has said about the APC government and its agents.

“That the government has failed the people is the truth. Akeredolu’s qualification of the failure as “not because we have not tried but because those forces on the other side are evil and they have support” amounts to begging the question.

“At least I appreciate the humility of the Governor to openly admit the failure of the APC government, whether at the centre or at home in Ondo State.

“It is a further proof as to the reason why such an “evil” government should not be allowed beyond 2023,” PDP spokesman in the state, Kenedy Peretei, said in a statement.

“While the whole of Ondo State mourned and grieved over the massacre, the pains of civil servants came to the centre stage again. This was against the backdrop of calls for volunteers to donate blood to save lives of those who were in hospitals.

“While most children are anemic, parents can’t afford proper medical care for men… prior to this, there had been a crazy staffing crisis. Civil servants have parked their cars due to inability to buy tyres, service or fuel them.

“We owe tonnes of bills in kids school fees and food stuff bought on credit. Hungry people neither donate blood nor volunteer. In what other ways can a government fail the people other than this?”

Reacting to the position of the PDP, Governor Akeredoku, in a statement by Chief Press Secretary, Richard Olatunde stated that it is unfortunate that the opposition party is deriving joy in such an incident which has been condemned worldwide.

“The statement supposedly made by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in respect of the remarks made by Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, at the funeral mass for the slain victims of Owo terror attack did not come as a surprise to the Ondo State Government.

“The assertion credited to the opposition shows its lack of empathy and respect for humanity. It is an unnecessary gloat that greatly offends the collective psyche of the people of the state.

“The PDP, which obviously doesn’t know the limits of politics, is attempting to reap political capital at the expense of human lives. It is politics taken too far.

“Since the unfortunate incident of Owo attack, the people of the state and across the country have collectively mourned the departed while praying for the injured to heal fast.

“It is very sad that the PDP, in its characteristic manner, has shown that it places politics above human lives.

“At this time when the state is still struggling with the pains of the heinous attack, the opposition party has found it convenient to scoop political gains from the excruciating pains inflicted on humanity by the incident.

“As we speak, the tombs of the deceased are even yet to dry, but the PDP couldn’t wait to dance on their graves. This infantile and inhumane brand of politics depicts what the party stands for.

“The misplaced allusion to the Governor’s statement at the funeral mass as well as the weak nexus between same and the issue of workers’ salaries expose the PDP as a lazy party without direction.

“We will not prevent the PDP from sliding into this path of perfidy, but we shall not forget to warn against playing politics with the precious lives of the people of the state, and dishonouring the memories of the innocent compatriots who fell to the bullets of terrorists.”



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